Here’s the story. Kim Yeong-gyu said to Mr. Hwang, who was receiving chemotherapy after being diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer at the club town hall meeting held at the indoor gymnasium at Hanil Girls’ High School in November 2022, “If you receive chemotherapy well and contact me, I will see you at the stadium.” he signed the thread

Mr. Hwang’s health recovered enough to visit the baseball field again after the 8th round of chemotherapy on May 24th. Mr. Hwang Mo thanked Kim Young-gyu through social media, and Kim Young-gyu promised to meet him when he came to the baseball field.

Mr. Hwang, who recovered his health thanks to Kim Young-gyu’s sincere support, handed Kim Young-gyu a gift with the message, “The relief pitcher who gave hope.” Kim Yeong-kyu also gave a uniform and signed ball and replied, “It’s fortunate that you are healthy and you look healthy.”

After Mr. Hwang posted an article on an internet cafe saying, 먹튀검증 “Thank you so much for giving me hope and giving me the courage to keep watching my favorite baseball game,” Kim Young-kyu’s sincere fan service became known.

In response, Kim Young-gyu said, “Just the story of overcoming difficult times through baseball seems to be a very grateful thing as a baseball player. I hope you keep it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kim Yeong-kyu pitched in 42 games this season and recorded 14 holds (3.42 ERA), ranking tied for 4th place. /

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