Paris Saint-Germain’s reason for not paying salaries is somewhat absurd.
‘Kylian Mbappe (26), who left for Real Madrid, was infuriated all along.

Sports media outlet ‘CBS Sports’ said on the 7th (Korean time), “Paris Saint-Germain still owes a debt to Mbappe.
Mbappe joined Real Madrid as a free agent (FA) earlier this week,” the report said. “But Paris Saint-Germain did not even pay Mbappe the bonus and two months’ salary that he agreed to before leaving the team.”

The reason for non-payment of salary and bonus is somewhat absurd.
According to the leading French newspaper ‘L’Equipe’, President Nasser Al-Khelaifi is very disappointed in sending Mbappe to free agency.

He lost a world-class player without receiving a penny of transfer fee. In response, ‘L’Equipe’ explained, “Chairman Al-Khelaifi does not want to save face. He lost a star player for nothing. That is why he withheld salary and bonus payments.”

“Paris Saint-Germain refused to pay not only the February bonus, but also the salaries for April and May,” he said. “Therefore, Paris Saint-Germain refused to pay the 80 million euros (approximately 120 billion won) promised as a bonus when signing the extension for 2022.” “We were able to recover the won,” he announced.

The combined estimate of Mbappe’s April and May salary and February bonus was said to be around 80 million euros.
The deficit was made up by non-compliance with the contract.

First, Paris Saint-Germain claimed that Mbappe gave up his remaining salary.
French media ‘RMC Sports’ said, “Last year, Mbappe renounced his contract extension with Paris Saint-Germain,” and added, “The clause could only be activated if Mbappe gave up his bonus.”

Even after leaving Real Madrid, the truth battle continues.
Mbappe made his first public appearance since announcing his move to Real Madrid.

Mbappe, who joined the French national team for Euro 2024, said at a press conference before the match against Luxembourg, “I am very happy to go to Real Madrid. I have come to the club of my dreams. I could have not played at Paris Saint-Germain. “Coach Luis Enrique and general manager Luis Campos saved me,” he revealed.

This meant that there was external pressure.
According to reports from local French media, Mbappe completed his contract with Real Madrid in advance in March.

Once Mbappe’s transfer was confirmed, Paris Saint-Germain noticeably reduced the player’s playing time.
In response, Coach Enrique explained, “Paris Saint-Germain must prepare for when Mbappe is not available.”

However, according to the explanation of the person involved, Coach Enrique rather wanted Mbappe to play.
Paris Saint-Germain President Al-Khelaifi appears to have been involved in Mbappe’s decision to play.

In response, Paris Saint-Germain refuted Mbappe’s claim.
Paris Saint-Germain said through local French media, “Mbappe made an undignified comment. His words are being quoted and spread,” and “Chairman Al-Khelaifi did not give any instructions. He cannot easily make even small decisions. “He is a person,” he said.

The truth-telling battle between the former team and the player is likely to be quite long.
‘Football 365’ said, “Paris Saint-Germain says Mbappe and President El Khelaifi have concluded a gentleman’s agreement (in which the player will give up his 80 million euro bonus),” and added, “The dispute will be handled by the legal committee of the French Football Federation (LFP). “It may be referred to,” he said.

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