Choi Won-ho, head coach of the Hanwha Eagles, came up with the theory that a decision should be made after receiving a medical judgment regarding the inning restriction of prospect Dong-ju Moon. He was saying that he should not stick to 120 innings unconditionally and should be able to throw more than that if the doctor is okay. The possibility of lifting the inning limit in the future is attracting attention.

During the time of former manager Carlos Subero, he set a limit of 120 innings in the 2023 season. In the 2022 season, which was his debut, he appeared in 13 games and threw 28⅔ innings. He played 13⅓ innings in 16 Futures League games. It was a total of 42 innings for the 1st and 2nd groups. It was to raise a lumber that would become the flagship pitcher of Korean baseball without injury. He played the starting rotation this year and threw 93 innings in 18 games as of the 5th. 5 innings per game.

Hangzhou Asian Games innings are also included. Assuming he pitches only five innings in at least one game as a varsity starter, he has 22 innings left. If you start counting from the KIA and Gwangju game on the 6th, you will reach the limit of innings if you pitch in about 5 games. The real ranking fight is in September, but Moon Dong-joo’s season ends in August.

Director Choi Won-ho said, “There is no expert who sets a guide within the team. Coaches, data teams, and trainers are not expert groups that give opinions. Doctors give the most scientific and reasonable opinions. Through MRI checks, the condition of the arm is observed and whether or not pitching is determined. You just have to decide. Even if you throw 50 innings, if the medical check is bad, you have to quit. Even if you go over 100 innings, there is no problem, but folding is questionable. It is excessive management.”

“I didn’t set the innings limit. The former manager Subero was a person in the farm system. I discussed with the club and decided on a guide. As soon as I arrived, I couldn’t change it and I had no choice but to continue. Of course, I am not saying that we should change right away. 스포츠토토 He continued, “Prospects need constant follow-up. They are team assets and national assets. If you return home after the Asian Games and get tested, it’s funny if you can’t pitch even though you’re fine. We have to correct it to have it,” he said, giving strength to his voice.

Director Choi’s remarks can be interpreted as a willingness to lift the inning limit if there is no medical problem while closely monitoring. However, KT has no choice but to be careful as there are cases where So-jun Sohn, a rookie, passed 120 innings and digested the postseason, eventually leading to elbow surgery. Hanwha, a treasure-like 160km pitcher,

is threatening the middle ranks with a solid starting lineup and performance as Choi Won-ho is coached. There is also hope for the 5th River. It is 6.5 difference to the top 5. A fierce ranking battle is predicted in the future. As the baseball schedule is extended due to the cancellation of rain, competition for rankings may take place even after the Asian Games are over. It was a remark that was regrettable that a 160 km pitcher might not be able to be used at an important point.

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