The worst incompetent administration of Jeonju City made only the grass in Jeonbuk Hyundai’s homeroom die. Jeonbuk was drawn in Group F with Ryan City, Kitchi and Bangkok United in the 2023/24 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL). On September 20th at 7:00 pm in Jeonbuk’s home room of the 2023/24 ACL, the first start will be cut off, starting with the first round of Group F qualifiers against Kitchi. Jeonbuk was full of excitement and fully prepared for the first match of the 2023/24 ACL Group F qualifier against Kitchi.

In the ACL, the home team must play a role to some extent to provide convenience such as the away team’s training ground. However, there was a problem with finding a place for Kitchee to train. He has come to a situation where he has no place to be. Jeonbuk has finished recruiting Jeonju Sports Complex as Kitchi’s training venue. However, recently, due to an event called Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival (JUMF), Jandi died. I wondered if the stadium was right, and the grounds were all plowed to such an extent that training could not be conducted, so it was impossible to find a proper lawn without washing my eyes.

Jeonju City, which has the authority to operate and manage the local stadium, hurriedly proposed a place that could be an alternative to Jeonbuk, but it was the same. The Solnae Life Soccer Field, which was mentioned as an alternative, also had grass dug in some places, and training was impossible. If it is provided to Kitchi as it is, regional and international disgrace is likely following the Scout Jamboree. Even the training ground, which was mentioned as an alternative, was in the worst condition of the grass? It is only said that the proposal was made without even checking it. This is the reality of Jeonju City’s desk and behind-the-scenes administration. When the city of Jeonju judged that neither the Jeonju Sports Complex nor the Solnae Life Soccer Field could function as training grounds, it made an absurd proposal to Jeonbuk.

The proposal was to provide the clubhouse, the heart of Jeonbuk, to Kitchi as a training ground. If Jeonbuk allows the provision of the clubhouse, it is certain that both teams will have setbacks due to the coordination of training schedules. In particular, Jeonju City considers Jeonbuk’s favor as a right and will make the same absurd proposal if it encounters such a situation next time. 토토 There is a solution. Jeonju City is carrying out repair work on the lawn of the sports complex, which is scheduled to be provided as a training ground, so that there is no disruption to schedule operation. However, it is known that it is difficult to carry out repair work right away because of cost issues.

Another way is to use the Jeonju World Cup Stadium as a training ground. This is the best and worst option for now. Even before Jeonbuk-Kitchie’s 2023/24 ACL Group F qualifier’s first match, the turf at Jeonju World Cup Stadium could be damaged. Jeonju World Cup Stadium will host the K-League 1 round 30 match between Jeonbuk and Gangwon FC on September 16th. After that, on the 18th and 19th, you have to provide for kitsch training.If Kitchi uses the Jeonju World Cup Stadium as a training ground, the grass will be trampled on without a break and will not function properly. Not only will it adversely affect the performance of the first match in Group F against Jeonbuk’s Kitchi, but it will also disrupt the operation of the schedule afterwards.

Jeonju city’s insufficient and complacent facility management, as well as the incompetent administration of desk and back luggage. Only the poor grass of Jeonju Castle dies. On the other hand, this is not the first time that Jeonju City is stingy and does not pay attention to sports teams. It caused friction with the basketball team KCC Egis because it did not fulfill promises such as the completion of the gymnasium. Eventually, a decision was made. KCC left Jeonju and changed its location to Busan. It even fell to the approval of the Korean Basketball Federation. Jeonju City lost a popular sports team called KCC due to complacent administration.

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