Subin Jung (center fielder) – Jaeho Kim (shortstop) – Seokhwan Yang (1st baseman) – Euiji Yang (designated hitter) – Jose Rojas (left fielder) – Seungho Kang (second baseman) – Taegeun Kim (rightfielder) – Seunghyeon Jang (catcher) – Gyeongmin Heo (third baseman) formed the starting lineup. The starting pitcher is Brandon Waddell.

In the game on the 4th, Yang Eui-ji was replaced with Jang Seung-hyun, a defenseman, in the defense in the beginning of the 9th inning. In this game, he will play as the designated hitter. Director Lee Seung-yeop said, “Yang Eui-ji has a lot of swollen tonsils. 토토사이트 As he trains, he coughs a lot and his side is also not good. The outcome of the game could have been different if Yang Eui-ji had been dragged on yesterday, but the decision to replace was unavoidable.”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “Unfortunately, because it is a long-term race, the player’s body comes first,” and emphasized, “You can’t throw away a few games just because of one at-bat.” Subsequently, regarding the call-up of catcher Park Yoo-yeon to the 1st team and the sending of infielder Yang Chan-yeol to the 2nd team, he said, “Since Yang Eui-ji is not in good shape right now, Jang Seung-hyun is going to be the catcher. Yang Eui-ji was included as the designated hitter because he could hit. Yang Eui-ji was in a difficult situation to defend, so he called up Park Yoo-yeon because he needed another catcher

Choi Seung-yong fills the vacancy of Choi Won-jun, who was canceled from the first team due to a back injury. Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “Choi Seung-yong has a good pitch. He threw yesterday and will be mounding on Tuesday after a three-day break as he rests today tomorrow. When he goes out as a starting pitcher, he tries to decide whether to throw long innings or operate like a bullpen day, looking at Choi Seung-yong’s pitch and game situation that day.”

Kim Jae-hwan, who is taking a break, was also excluded from the starting lineup that day. Director Lee Seung-yeop said, “Kim Jae-hwan is not in good condition. He is a player with a strong sense of responsibility and a great will to do well, so he himself will have a hard time. So he took a break yesterday and today and gave me time to make up my mind. He will be in the lineup normally starting tomorrow.”

Doosan recently lost 2 in a row and lost 3rd place to KT, who ran 7 consecutive wins. However, coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “KT starting pitchers are good. But we are good too. As we followed until the end, we lost by one point, so I felt it was worth a try. If we gain a little more strength at the end, we will be able to compete well because we are a good team.”

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