It was pointed out that the timing was regrettable over Lee Da-young (Bolero Le Canet)’s claim to expose harassment against Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance). In ‘Too Much Too Ker’, which aired on IHQ Babayo YouTube Live on the 25th, it dealt with the exposure of Kim Yeon-kyung’s sniping by Lee Da-young, who was virtually expelled from the Korean volleyball world due to controversy over school violence.

Lee Da-young started to expose Kim Yeon-kyung in an interview before joining a new French league team on the 5th. She later claimed that her twin sister, Lee Jae-young, also attacked her, seemingly targeting Kim Yeon-kyung, and her wave of attacks continued. 토토 The cast of ‘Two Much Tuckers’ said, “Even though I feel so frustrated and unfair, the regrettable point is the timing of disclosure.”

She also said, “Lee Da-young’s words that she will reveal at the end of the season are the same as meaning that she will continue to reveal,” she said, “I wonder if she will help Lee Da-young’s career as well.”

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