Busan I-Park finished the 3-game series at Gudeok Stadium in Busan, which had a lot of talk and was uncomfortable at speed. Now we have to go back to Busan Asiad Main Stadium. But when I go back, I can only sigh. Can everything really return to normal within 15 days? Busan, led by coach Park Jin-seop, won 2-0 in the match against Gimcheon Sangmu in the 29th round of Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 at 7:30 pm on the 29th at Gudeok Stadium in Busan. With this victory, Busan caught up with leader Gimcheon by one point. There are still several games left, but the victory on this day is very valuable in that it made a stepping stone for automatic promotion.

And after this game, we will return to Busan Asiad Main Stadium. Busan, which had to move to Gudeok Stadium for a short time due to the Paris Saint-Germain-Jeonbuk Hyundai friendly match, will face Seongnam FC in the scheduled 31st round at Busan Asiad Main Stadium at 6:30 pm on September 16th. 먹튀검증 However, ahead of this game, Busan fell into worries once again. It is because of the grass of Busan Asiad Main Stadium. On the 26th, singer Psy’s concert was held at the auxiliary stadium of Asiad Main Stadium in Busan. It is a big event that is loved by popular music fans with the so-called ‘drenched show’. The problem is that even though the event was held in an auxiliary stadium, the grass in the main stadium was greatly damaged. Numerous fans who came to the show soaked up stepped on the grass of the main stadium.

It is said that it happened in the process of waiting for the show, but it seems that fans did not have the concept of protecting the lawn that must be done for a football game. The bigger problem is that the side that should control events and facilities had the same attitude. Busan officials are once again devastated over the state of the grass, which has been dug up to the extent that the bare ground is exposed. The Busan team responded that they did not know why or by what procedure the numerous fans waited at the main stadium instead of the auxiliary stadium, and even on the grass.

And somehow, the heartache started again. By all means, it has become a situation where we earnestly hope that the grass can recover safely by the match against Seongnam on the 16th. In order to be promoted, it is Busan that needs to show more concentration in the remaining games, especially home games. When everything should be optimal, will we ever see Busan’s earnest prayers reaching the sky and reviving the grass? Incidentally, there is one more event scheduled for the second half of the year at Busan Asiad Main Stadium. So, the damage to the grass during this Psy Drench Show means a ‘bonus low blood pressure cure’ that occurred accidentally in Busan. really unmanageable

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