Panasonic (Japan), led by coach Laurent Tilly, beat OK Financial Group with a set score of 2-3 (30-32 25-15 32-30 22- 25 9-15). After winning all three matches in the group stage, Panasonic finished the tournament. Panasonic was backed by Tarumi Yuga with 31 points and Shimizu Kunihiro with 20 points, but collapsed with 41 errors. In particular, after 20 points in the 4th set, it gave consecutive points to OK Financial Group, and this aftermath continued until the 5th set.

After the game, coach Tilly said, “I talked to the players. Overall, I am satisfied. He was well prepared and the atmosphere was great. However, in the 5th set, 스포츠토토 I felt the play stopped, and it was regrettable. He saw the attitude of the players going into the fifth set was wrong. Even though I lost 4 sets, there are still matches left, but it was wrong to start as if I had lost. I think of these things as a learning process. In particular, young players have to learn more,” he said, expressing his thoughts at the end of the tournament.

Panasonic did not participate as the most elite member in this tournament. Director Ogino Ogino of OK Financial Group also evaluated Panasonic’s strength as a third group. “It’s true that there aren’t many players, but so are other teams,” Tilly said. The important thing is the moment and the players who played in the tournament.”

Played 4 matches against V-League teams. Director Tilly said, “The strength is high energy and full of fighting. He was also good defensively. He seems to jump as much as he can when hitting balls or blocking. The quality of defense and blocking is high. However, I would like to point out the lack of continuous reception as a weakness. I feel like I’m doing something wrong because I’m trying to play fast,” he said. “Basically, it was a perfect tournament. Every match was at a high level. If invited, I want to participate next year,” he emphasized.

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