Friends of the same age, Park Eun-seo and the doctor, had similar needs. He wanted to prove he was a better player and he wanted to meet a lot of fans at Pepper Stadium. Park Eun-seo and Dr. Park have a lot in common. Both players are founding members who joined the new team Pepper Savings Bank through the 2021-2022 V-League Rookie Draft (Park Sa-rang 1st round, Park Eun-seo 1st round 2nd ranked), and are the same age as those born in 2003. Here, the surname is the same, and the height on the profile is the same (178cm).

And it is also the same that both players have a big role to play for Pepper Savings Bank to leap forward as a team. Now, as he enters his third year as a pro, it is time to turn his potential into skill little by little. In order to make the upcoming 2023-2024 season a place of growth and proof, Park Eun-seo and Dr. Park are sweating during the off-season. On the 25th, at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju, I was able to meet Park Eun-seo and Dr. Park who finished morning training. First, I asked the two players how they felt about the 2023 GumiㆍDodram Cup professional volleyball competition, which was held most recently. Both players gave the same answer. Park Eun-seo said, “It was a pity that not all the things I prepared came out,” and the doctor said, “I prepared a lot, but it’s a pity that I couldn’t show you a lot.”

Park Eun-seo had ankle surgery on March 2, when the second half of the 2022-2023 season was in progress, and was removed from power. It was uncertain whether he would be able to show good performance in the cup competition because his rehabilitation period was expected to last 2 to 3 months, but Park Eun-seo’s performance was outstanding. 안전놀이터 Park Eun-seo said, “My ankle has improved a lot, and I am exercising normally. He is preparing well to ensure that the injury does not recur,” he said, revealing that he is in good condition. On the other hand, Park Park stepped on the court as a starting setter instead of Lee Go-eun according to the judgment of head coach Lee Kyung-soo (then acting manager), who was trying to gain experience in the second half of the 2022-2023 season. It was only three games that he started like that, but even that was precious to a prospect who was thirsty for a chance to play. Dr. Rang said, “I was less nervous than I thought when I entered the starting lineup. But when he went into the starting lineup, he felt that the responsibility was heavier.”

During the off-season, the two players are training according to their respective roles under the guidance of coach Joe Tringe. Dr. Park said, “The volleyball the coach wants is different from what I have learned so far from the step of finding the bottom of the ball. He introduced the contents of his training, saying, “The director directs weight training, and we often have video meetings.” Park Eun-seo revealed the preparation process for the season, saying, “First of all, I am preparing mainly for outside heaters, but I am also doing apogee training at the same time.” I was also curious about how the two players felt about Mikasa, which has been used by V-League players in earnest since the last cup competition. “The ball feels a little slippery than that of a star,” said Park, who is a setter. Especially when sweaty,” he told the story, and striker and spike server Park Eun-seo said, “When you do something like a two-stage attack, you feel a little heavier. When I hit the serve, it feels like I am being pushed a little.” Even so, the two players unanimously said, “It doesn’t hurt us more than the star.”

When talking about goals for the upcoming season, the two players told similar stories. Park Eun-seo said, “I want to play volleyball where fans can feel that I have improved a lot compared to last season.” and revealed the goal. At the end of the interview, Eunseo Park and Dr. Park greeted the fans. In the greetings of the two players, I felt the anticipation and confidence for the upcoming season. Like the fans, the players were also looking forward to the next season of Pepper Savings Bank. Park Eun-seo to Pepper Savings Bank fans – I hope many people come to Gwangju this season. Let’s spend a fighting winter together! To the fans of Dr. Park and Pepper Savings Bank – We will win more as you come to Gwangju. Let’s play spring volleyball in Gwangju!

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