Substitution in volleyball is a bit more complicated than simply sending one player onto the court and pulling another player out. If you don’t follow the rules closely, you may have a hot mess on your hands. In this video, Brennan Dean, director of Wave Volleyball club and head coach at Torrey Pines High School, breaks down the key do’s and don’ts to volleyball substitutions, including when you can sub, who a sub can go in for and how subs should enter the court.

Who can a player sub in for?

Any player except the libero can sub in for anyone in the match, but once they have subbed in or out for a player at a certain position, they can only sub in again for that same player at the same position for the rest of the set. For example, if #7 comes off the bench to replace #1, the only way #1 can get back in the match is to replace #7 at her original position. Otherwise, #1 would be penalized as an illegal substitute.

The exception to this rule is for libero substitution. Liberos can only go in for back-row players, but they can enter the match as often as they like, as long as it’s between points. A libero substitution doesn’t count as a team substitution.

Why it’s important to teach substitution rules

you must have a solid understanding of substitution rules, but it’s also good to teach them to your team and even their parents. 먹튀검증 The more familiar everybody around you is with what’s happening when players enter and exit matches, the less you’ll have to explain during tournaments. This will reduce distractions and allow you to focus on what’s most important: coaching the team.

Starting the set doesn’t count as a substitution. A re-entering player shall not return to the set during the same dead ball in which the player was replaced. the re-entering player shall assume the original position in the serving order in relation to the other teammates.

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