In order for Chung-Ang University to reach a high place in the playoffs, Lim Dong-eon (195cm, F) and Kim Doo-jin (197cm, F) have heavy shoulders. Chung-Ang University recorded 9 wins and 5 losses in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League and finished in 3rd place. In the MBC Cup National University Basketball Tournament, which was held without Lee Kang-hyun (200cm, C), who was selected for the Universiade team, he advanced to the semifinals.

Chung-Ang University has to play without Lee Kang-hyun in the playoffs. Lee Kang-hyun, who decided to advance to the professional league a year early, decided not to play in the playoffs. Yang Hyeong-seok, head coach of Chung-Ang University, said, “I am practicing against the pros. Japan’s Donghae University came to school on the 8th. I also practiced with this team. I’m preparing like that,” he told me how he was preparing for the playoffs. Attention is also focused on whether or not Kim Hyu-beom will return. Kim Hyu-beom, who had been concentrating on recovering from his injury since the last winter training, did not participate until MBC for the playoffs.

Manager Yang Hyung-seok said, “I focus on the playoffs and prepare, but I have recovered from my injuries. In the meantime, resting for a long time and raising your stamina is the key,” he said. “(If Kim Hyu-beom joins) stable play, including reading, is possible. Kang Hyun-soo, Lee Kyung-min, and Hyung-woo Yoo are doing well, but it gets better when Kim Hyu-beom comes in.” It is important to fill the void left by Lee Kang-hyun, who suddenly announced that he would advance to the professional league and decided not to play until the playoffs.

Director Yang Hyung-seok said, “We have to extract the parts that went well on MBC and focus on inducing them. During MBC Bae, Lim Dong-eon and Kim Doo-jin were active. 안전놀이터 Even if there are regrets, Lee Kang-hyun’s void has been sufficiently filled. So, we achieved that level of success (advancing to the quarterfinals). He played a game that was not far behind in the game with Yeongyo University,” he said. “I hope to have a more stable situation in terms of supply. It’s possible. Dong-eon is passive, and Du-jin has severe ups and downs. I want you to take care of this. Attacks are possible even from the outskirts, so they have to bring out the big man.”

Chung-Ang University’s quarterfinal opponent is Sungkyunkwan University. In the College Basketball League head-to-head match, they won 65-62. Director Yang Hyung-seok said, “(Sungkyunkwan University) is scary outside. The speed is also very fast, so you have to stick to the basics and deal with it,” he said. “Once Park Jong-ha explodes, he becomes a scary player. He should put more weight on that part.” Chung-Ang University will clash with Sungkyunkwan University on the home court at 2:00 pm on the 7th of next month to advance to the semifinals.

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