Joszko Gbardiol has completed his move to Manchester City. The funny thing is that both the first and last name are the same as manager Pep Guardiola. He just changed the same name to Catalan and Croatian.

Manchester City announced on the 6th (Korean time) that they have completed the signing of Gbardiol. The transfer fee is known to be 77 million pounds (approximately 128.4 billion won). The former team, RB Leipzig, made a lot of money by selling center backs, not strikers. 먹튀검증 Guardiola and Gbardiol share similarities in both spelling and pronunciation. “It’s a beautiful castle,” said Guardiola while talking about Gvardiol.

It’s not just hearing that they’re similar, they’re similar from the etymology. It is a word derived from the Latin word meaning to defend, and is called guadare in modern Italian, and has the same etymology as the English guard. This surname became Guardiola in Catalan, Spain, and Gbardiol in Novigrad, Croatia. Novigrad is an area near Zadar, a historic city dating back to Roman times. Until 1948, all the gvardiol in the world lived only in the Novigrad settlement. I have moved to a lot of other places now. In the case of Joshko Gbardiol, he was born in Zagreb, the capital.

Moreover, both names are derived from the same person. Although he is often nicknamed Pep, Guardiola’s name is Josef. Gbardiol’s given name, Joshko, is derived from the Croatian name Josif. Both Joseph and Joseph are named after the biblical character Joseph, and are cognate with the English name Joseph, or Joe for short, or Joe.

Regarding the two people who are virtually the same name, Croatian linguist Domagoi Vidović introduced that the two names have the same etymology through the local media ‘T Portal’ and said, “Also, since the surnames Gbardiol and Guardiola mean defending, they are the opponent’s attackers. It suits the defender who makes it impassable. In modern Italian, Guardiola means guard room. The guard room is reminiscent of the locker room in football.”

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