Bayern, on the 19th at 3:30 am (hereinafter Korean time), against Werder Bremen held at Bezerstadion in Bremen, Germany, in the first round of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season, with Harry Kane’s big success, who scored 1 goal and 1 assist, won the 4th won a 0-0 victory. Bayern, who suffered a crushing 0-3 defeat in the previous Super Cup, changed the atmosphere with a sweeping victory on this day. The ‘defending champion’ Bayern, who succeeded in winning 11 consecutive defeats until last season, took a pleasant first step towards winning another title. Kim Min-jae made his Bundesliga debut by being named on the starting list that day. Bayern said on the club’s official social media the day before, ‘For the Kingdom! Tomorrow, our title defense starts in Bremen’, he posted an illustration, which included Minjae Kim, Harry Kane, Joshua Kimmich, and Matthias De Ligt. Then, Kim Min-jae and Kane’s photos decorated SNS. It was a part that showed that the expectations for Kim Min-jae were that high.

Kim Min-jae lived up to expectations 100%. Paired with Dayo Upamecano as a left centre-back, Kim Min-jae led Bayern’s defense with aggressive yet stable play throughout. Kim Min-jae focused on Upamecano’s cover play during defense that day. A shrewd play from the back led to several offsides. He showed clever movements in line with the movements of his opponent’s two tops. He struggled at the beginning of the second half under pressure from his opponent, but did not lose his concentration until the end. The 7 minutes in the second half were the highlight. When Marvin Duchsch penetrated and fired a shot, he chased it until the end and showed a fantastic blocking. It was a scene that stood out with Kim Min-jae’s unique explosive speed and concentration. Kim Min-jae recorded one victory in the aerial competition and two clearings that day. His record didn’t stand out, but he stood out in his overall reading.

Kim Min-jae’s play shined even more in the attack. On this day, Kim Min-jae sent the ball directly to the front without going through the midfield. He passed frequently enough to be seen as a back playmaker. Kim Min-jae continued the flow of attack with an accurate pass. The opening goal in the 4th minute of the first half also started with Kim Min-jae’s first pass. There was also a chance for his debut goal in the 45th minute of the first half. In the corner kick situation, the header unfortunately went straight to the goalkeeper. Kim Min-jae showed off his excellent offensive ability, recording two key passes, which is rare for a defender on this day, while overlapping with explosive speed. Kim Min-jae recorded 75 touches that day, of which 72 passed and succeeded 68 times. His success rate reached 94%. The long pass was successful on all four attempts. He made two key passes and one shot on target.

But I wasn’t 100% in shape yet. Kim Min-jae was clearly struggling physically when his opponent’s offensive intensified in the second half. He didn’t concede with amazing concentration, but the aftermath of military training seemed to linger. Kim Min-jae has noticeably lost weight after three weeks of military training. Coach Thomas Tuchel eventually replaced Kim Min-jae with Dericht in the 22nd minute of the second half. Coach Tuchel held Kim Min-jae’s hand and gave him encouragement. The fact that he hasn’t played full-time yet means that his physical condition is not yet at its best, and on the other hand, it also means that coach Tuchel cares for Kim Min-jae that much. Kim Min-jae is gradually improving his physical condition, ranking second in the fastest speed following Kingsley Comang. However, it seems that he needs to adapt to the unique game atmosphere of the Bundesliga, such as receiving one warning. Kim Min-jae received 7.1 points from various media outlets.

Kim Min-jae became a Bayern player on the 19th of last month. His contract lasted 5 years, until 2028, and the number 3 shirt. Kim Min-jae became the second Korean player to join Bayern after Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart). The transfer fee was not disclosed, but it is estimated at 50 million euros (approximately 71 billion won). Kim Min-jae became the third most expensive man in Bayern history after Luca Hernandez (80 million euros, about 113.6 billion won) and Mathais de Ligt (67 million euros, about 95.1 billion won). Kim Min-jae said, “Bayern is every player’s dream. I looked forward to coming to Bayern. It is a new start for me. I will continue to develop here. It was clear from the start how much they wanted me. My first goal was to play in many matches. In addition to this, I want to lift as many trophies as possible.” He immediately digested the preseason. However, his physical condition was not normal. Kim Min-jae went through basic military training for three weeks. Kim Min-jae received military service benefits after winning the gold medal at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in 2018. After a 10-day break from training, he joined Bayern. Kim Min-jae, who had an official schedule such as a team presentation at Bayern, joined the Asian tour.

He obviously did not play in the first game against Manchester City. Director Thomas Tuchel announced his absence early on, saying, “His body isn’t complete yet.” Then, on the 29th of last month, he made his debut against Kawasaki Frontale in Tokyo, Japan. Kim Min-jae formed the central defense along with Benjamin Pavar. Even though he was not in normal condition in the aftermath of his military training, he left a strong impact with his good play. He still had his unique explosive speed and power. Kim Min-jae’s own play, which adds strength to the attack with bold overlapping, was also shown. Coach Tuchel also responded with a smile. Kim Min-jae received a rating of 7.5 and was rated the highest among Bayern’s defenses. Kim Min-jae was replaced with right-wing Upamecano.

He then started and played 45 minutes in the pre-season match against Liverpool held at the Singapore National Stadium on the 2nd. Kim Min-jae also played a big role on this day. Kim Min-jae, who started as a left center back in the four-back, posted a picturesque assist and recorded his first attack point after transferring to Bayern. Kim Min-jae showed the most impressive appearance in the defense and received another favorable review. Kim Min-jae recorded 100% ground contention, 1 clearing, 1 shot block and 1 tackle that day. He was not allowed to dribble. He also attempted aerial contests twice and succeeded once. But as he’s still not 100% fit, he’s made mistakes too. He was the cause of the conceding in the 2nd minute of the first half.

Kim Min-jae’s performance was especially brilliant in the attack. He recorded 45 touchdowns on the day, making 40 of 42 passing attempts. His success rate was a whopping 95%. It was the best in Bavaria. The more you look into the details, the better. Kim Min-jae tried 6 long passes that day and succeeded in all of them. One of them was Key Pass, Big Chance Pass. Kim Min-jae handed a fantastic long pass to Serge Gnabri, who was penetrating in the 33rd minute of the first half. It was an amazing long pass that advanced more than 40 meters. Kim Min-jae’s pass was exquisitely connected to Gnabry, and Gnabry calmly finished after knocking out one of the defenders, scoring Bayern’s first goal that day. It was Kim Min-jae’s first attack point after transferring to Bayern. This was exactly the play coach Tuchel wanted when he recruited Kim Min-jae. Coach Tuchel had fun with plays that actively utilized the center back’s long pass and attack in the past. It was a disappointing part last season, but it seems to be resolved with the recruitment of Kim Min-jae.

On the 8th, the last game of the pre-season against AS Monaco, Kim Min-jae played 63 minutes. But there was a mistake. He gave up the opening goal with a fatal pass miss. 토토사이트 As much as it was a regrettable game, harsh criticism continued. After the game, coach Tuchel said on the club’s official website, “We have done a lot of good work, but there are still areas to improve. We started the game very well and should have taken the lead. However, our mistakes got us a little lost.” pointed out The German press didn’t just pass by either. ZDF said, ‘At AS Monaco, Bayern showed both positive and negative aspects. The offensive team was positive. The biggest hope was Jamal Musialah. On the other hand, on the defensive side, Kim Min-jae made a bad pass. They couldn’t fill the defensive gap left by Joshua Kimmich.” Abent Zeitung Munich was a little more intense. The media said, ‘Bayern showed speed and creativity in the attack that day. Defensively, on the other hand, he was terribly shaken. As freshman Kim Min-jae faltered, the defense faltered as well. I also felt Kimihi’s void.”

Kim Min-jae made his official debut in the German Super Cup in the 2023-2024 season against Leipzig on the 13th. He finished off his official debut cleanly, although he was buried in the team’s 0-3 loss. At the beginning of the second half, Kim Min-jae stepped on the ground in place of Matthias de Ligt. Kim Min-jae showed a good performance by winning the speed competition against Royce Offenda in the 14th minute of the second half and making a perfect tackle in the 25th minute of the second half. Especially in the 25th minute, when Benjamin Ceshuko evaded the goalkeeper and took a chance to score, the scene where he blocked it was definitely the highlight.

Records prove Kim Min-jae’s performance. According to Foot Mob, a soccer statistics company, Kim Min-jae touched the ball a total of 48 times that day. He attempted 44 passes and made 42 of them, with a pass success rate of 95%. One double long pass was included, which was also neatly succeeded. He also had 3 offensive area passes. In defense, he succeeded in clearing 2 times and recovering 4 times, and never lost the ball. He didn’t even allow a dribble breakthrough. Kim Min-jae received a rating of 6.5 from Foot Mob. He was the fifth highest among Bayern players. He received the highest 3 rating from the build. Build’s rating is given between 1 and 5 points, and the lower the score, the better it means.

Kim Min-jae met the expectations of Bayern and Tuchel by performing brilliantly in the opening match. Bayern also took a fresh start with a complete victory. Bayern pulled out the 4-2-3-1 card that day. Kane stepped up to the top. In the second line, you are Komang, Jamal Musiala, and Leroy. Leon Goretzka-Joshua Kimmich was seated in Double Volanchi. The four-back was made by Alfonso Davies, Kim Min-jae, Upamecano, and Nusayr Mazrawi. The goalkeeper’s gloves were worn by Sven Ulreich. Bayern showed a strong will to win the opening game, putting forward the best lineup they could pull out, except for the Dericht card. Bremen faced off with a 3-1-4-2. Marvin Duchess and Niklas Fulkrug formed the two tops, and Anthony Jung, Leonardo Bittencourt, Jens Starge and Mitchell Weiser were in the second line. The defensive midfielder was Seine Linen. Marco Friedl, Malcos Velkovic and Amos Pfeiffer made up the three-back. In goal was Jiri Pavrenka.

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