In SSG, team OPS is often directly linked to team rankings. Even in the first half of this year, SSG ranked 5th in team batting average (0.259), but the team OPS was 2nd (0.732), which was good. The team’s 76 home runs, which ranked first in the division, played a decisive role in the team’s OPS. SSG also ranked second in the team rankings in the first half, following leader LG, but the gap was not large, with a difference of 2.5 games.

SSG is struggling in the second half. As of the 15th, with 9 wins and 10 losses in the second half, the pace has slowed down to the point where it is difficult to exceed the 50% win rate. Various factors are emerging, but one key background is represented by the team OPS metric. While SSG is ranked 7th in team batting average (0.259), the team OPS is also sitting at 7th (0.691).

The slugging power that was sure to be competitive in the team’s batting line has disappeared. SSG has only 10 team home runs in the second half, and Samsung and KIA have fallen to the bottom in home run production. Compared to Hanhwa (20), who had the most home runs in the second half, he only hit half of them. It is crucial that the team’s ‘main guns’ and ‘cannons’ are unable to use their strength due to injuries or sluggishness.

Choi Jeong, who is second in the home run derby in the league, hit only two homers in 19 games in the second half, and another great gun, Choi Joo-hwan, added only two. 스포츠토토 Except for the two players, no player hit a ‘multi-home run’ in the second half. In addition, as foreign hitter Guillermo Heredia recorded only one home run in the second half and left due to a thigh injury after the 4th, SSG’s cannon line is also weakened in terms of composition.

SSG’s strength is that it has experienced veteran fielders based on the league’s top starting lineup, but what scared the opponent above all was the ‘firepower’ that could change the flow with a single home run at any time. In particular, SSG hit 51 home runs this season at Munhak, a friendly stadium in Geopo, and gave up only 38.

If SSG doesn’t hit home runs well, it will inevitably make the game easier for the opponent. As SSG goes through a crossroads in August, the solution they need to find comes out right away.

In fact, players who have hit a home run to some extent tend to hit it again. That’s why we secretly look forward to Hanyu Island, which has shown a recent rebound. However, it does not seem easy for Hanyu Island to rebuild the home run batting line again, as it fell out of the game due to a physical condition before the start of the game against Sajik Lotte on the 15th. This is also the reason Choi Jeong-yi, the main gun, is seen as a player to solve the clues.

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