The British public broadcaster BBC reported on the 25th (Korean time) that “Ruviales has refused to resign as president of the Spanish Football Association.” , the women’s national football team of Spain defeated England 1-0 in the Women’s World Cup final held at Stadium Australia in Sydney, Australia, and enjoyed the excitement of winning their first ever championship. It was the first win in the history of the women’s national team, so the players enjoyed great joy to the fullest. However, the joy of this victory is controversial due to the actions of President Rubiales at the awards ceremony, and more attention is focused on his actions than on the joy of winning.

The Spanish women’s national team players, who became World Cup champions, immediately proceeded with the awards ceremony. If Rubiales kissed the other person without their consent, it would be clear sexual harassment. Later, in the locker room, during a live performance through Instagram, Hermoso smiled at a question related to the situation at the time, but said, “I wasn’t in a good mood,” and the controversy about his behavior grew. Initially, President Rubiales was consistent with a shameless attitude even though it was a sufficiently problematic behavior. In an interview with Radio Marca, he said, “Kissing Ermoso? Everyone says stupid things.”

Hermoso, a party to the incident, also explained the situation at the time, unlike the live, and the case seemed to be over. Hermoso expressed his position through the Spanish Football Association and said, “It was an expression of intimacy. There was great joy from winning the World Cup and it was a natural movement. There is no problem with the relationship with the president.” However, despite Hermos’ remarks, public criticism of his actions did not diminish at all. Many figures and media criticized President Rubiales, and Spanish Minister of Culture and Sports Mikel Isetta said, “I think it is unacceptable to me. We live in an era of equality, rights and respect for women. We all have attitudes and behaviors.” “You have to be careful. I don’t think kissing a player on the lips to congratulate them is unacceptable.”

After a barrage of criticism and demands for his resignation, Ruby Ales eventually apologized for her actions. Through an apology video, he said, “I definitely made a mistake. It happened spontaneously without any malice due to momentary emotions. I took it for granted, but it caused a stir outside. I have to apologize because there are people who have been hurt.” And as the chairman of an important institution, I will be more careful.” It’s the biggest success in women’s football history and the second World Cup we’ve won, and it’s sad that this incident affected the celebration,” he said, adding that his mistake had tarnished some of the performance of the Spanish women’s national team. Apologize.

As the incident grew larger and FIFA began investigating the incident, reports continued that President Rubiales would soon step down from his position as president. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has notified Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, that it will initiate disciplinary proceedings in the event that occurred during the Women’s World Cup final. “The FIFA Disciplinary Committee will provide further information on the disciplinary process after a final decision has been made on the matter,” said Rubiales, who is investigating. Spain’s ‘Cadena Serre’ explained, “After FIFA’s investigation began on August 24, President Rubiales will announce his resignation on the 25th.”

However, contrary to Cadena Ser’s report, Ruby Ales refused to resign, arguing that the various controversies and allegations against her were attempts at social assassination. 안전놀이터 The BBC said, “President Rubiales refused to resign despite his actions after the last Women’s World Cup final. He said at an extraordinary general meeting convened by the association, ‘I am not resigning’ and claimed that ‘social assassination is taking place’.” told Reportedly, Rubiales claimed that her actions were to comfort Hermoso. He said, “It was a spontaneous kiss. It was a mutual, happy, consensual kiss. That’s the point. Can I get out of this controversy with just the fact that it was consensual? I will fight to the end.” did.

However, it is unclear whether Rubiales’ content of ‘social assassination’ will be accepted by fans as there were other controversial actions, such as grabbing the groin area next to the queen and princess. Meanwhile, despite Lumiales’ claim, the investigation is scheduled to proceed, and the criticism continues to grow. This incident cannot go without punishment,” said Futpro, the players’ union representative. “The union is protecting the interests of the players in this matter.” Spain’s representative daily El Pais said, ‘Hermoso did not like Rubiales’ kiss. We set the day of criticism through an editorial titled ‘So are we’. Elpais pointed out, “The president of the Spanish Football Association could say it was a misunderstanding, but suddenly kissing someone on the mouth is an ‘attack'” and “a ‘thief kiss’ doesn’t always come as a surprise and pleasant. On the contrary, it is an infringement.” did. Spain’s Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, also criticized through personal social media, “Don’t take kissing without consent as a matter of course.”

Spain Relevo also said, “President Rubiales got off the same plane as the national team, but he was not seen taking pictures in Spain. He did not expose himself to public judgment,” and Yolanda Dias reported his actions after returning home. Spain’s deputy prime minister also said he had called for Rubiales to be fired. While the controversy over Rubiales’ decision to retain the presidency will continue, public criticism of his actions is expected to grow with this “social assassination” allegation.

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