In the away game against Hanwha held at Seosan Stadium on the 13th, Han Dong-hee showed off his good sense of hitting by posting 3 hits, 1 RBI, and 2 runs in 5 at-bats, including a 1-run home run in the 3rd inning left-midfield. Han Dong-hee, who started as first baseman, withdrew with a fly to right field in the first inning, but took the lead in the third inning, leading 1-0, and fired a two-run arch in left midfield. Hanwha starter Jang Min-jae and ball count 2B-0S In an advantageous ball count, he pulled the 3rd pitch hard and blew it out of the fence.

Han Dong-hee was out with a ground ball from second base to first base in the 5th inning, but went to the ground with a heavy hit in the 7th inning with no runners. Yoo Kang-nam’s left-handed two-run homer scored a goal. After two outs in the ninth inning, Han Dong-hee completed a three-hit game by hitting a hit in the middle right. Against Hanwha on the 13th, Han Dong-hee, who swung a fire bat with 2 hits in 4 at-bats, 2 RBIs, 1 run, including a 2-run home run in the 5th inning, drew an arch for two days in a row and raised his batting pace.

Han Dong-hee showed a sluggish performance with a batting average of .2017 (55 hits in 254 bats), 4 homers, 28 RBIs and 23 points in 77 games this season. 토토 He was deleted from the first team entry on the 7th in order to readjust the hitting feeling. Manager Larry Sutton said, “Han Dong-hee did not work out well in terms of batting this year and showed a struggle. In the middle of the season, he rode a cycle that seemed to improve, but it did not continue. I think I need to practice a little more direction,” he said.

Also, “Han Dong-hee has good strike zone control when he feels good at hitting, and regardless of the result, he is a hitter who consistently hits hard balls.” I hope he will come back with a little more progress in his solid strike zone control area.” Meanwhile, Lotte beat Hanwha 6-0 and won two consecutive victories. Hyeon Do-hoon, Jin Seung-hyeon, and Yoon Myeong-jun combined for 4 scoreless innings.Yoo Kang-nam, the 2nd catcher, hit a 2-run home run in the 7th inning, and Kim Dong-hyuk went 4 at-bats, 2 hits (1 home run), 2 RBIs and 1 run. Jang Min-jae, who started as a Hanwha starting pitcher, suffered a loss with 5 hits (2 homers), 1 walk, 2 strikeouts and 4 runs (1 earned run) in 5 innings.,Kim Min-ki was the only Hanwha batter to achieve multi-hits.

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