Seongnam FC in crisis must catch the Jeonnam Dragons unconditionally. If you give the reason, the fingers are not enough.

Seongnam will play the 24th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ with Jeonnam at 7:30 pm on the 29th at Tancheon Sports Complex. Seongnam is 9th with 26 points (6 wins, 8 draws, 8 losses), and Jeonnam is 7th with 31 points (9 wins, 4 draws, 8 losses).

The atmosphere in Seongnam is not very good. There is only one win in the last six games, and even if the range is expanded to 10 games, it is two wins. In the previous game, Cheonan City FC, which suffered from a draw in 21 matches, was defeated 2-3 and gave them their first win. After suffering a humiliating defeat, Seongnam’s mood got worse. His attack power has improved, but due to his stamina, there is a lot of shaking in the midfield and defense. Whenever it is important, we are losing points by conceding points.

Jeonnam needs to win unconditionally. Only by catching Jeonnam will we be able to have hope that we can rebound in the second half. We need to give the home fans a win as well. Seongnam has not won for more than three months since the Cheonan victory on April 16th. 먹튀검증 Calculated by the number of days, it is 104 days. Currently, Seongnam fans are more disappointed than expected. If you want to gain support again, you must grab Jeonnam unconditionally.

The ones to trust are Gabriel and Jin Seong-wook. The two strikers, who joined this summer side by side, gave great strength to the unfortunate Seongnam attack. Gabriel played the role of lubricant for Seongnam’s attack by going back and forth from the front and the second line, and he quickly raised his attack points. Jin Seong-wook added a sense of weight to the front line and became a solution to manager Lee Ki-hyung, who had a lot of worries after Lee Jong-ho’s injury and Chris’ poor scoring ability. These are the two strikers that I look forward to the most in this Jeonnam match. There is also a desperate need for action.

Jeonnam is Suwon FC of K-League 2. Like Suwon FC, the offense is at the highest level in the league, but there are many goals. With 34 points, it is 4th in the K-League 2 with the most goals, but it is 3rd with the most goals allowed with 35 goals. This is the reason why it did not rise to the top ranks despite boasting the best attack power. The team has been on a two-game winning streak recently and is holding the mood. The number one contributor leading the rise of Jeonnam is, of course, Valdivia.

It is not an exaggeration to call Valdivia the king of the K League 2. Valdivia has 19 attack points with 11 goals and 7 assists, and was selected as the best player in the game 8 times and the best 11 of the round 7 times. Along with Gleyson (Gyeongnam FC), he ranks 1st in scoring, 2nd in assists, and 1st in attack points. The best player in the game and the number of round best eleven selections are also ranked first. It really dominates the K-League 2.

It is highly likely that Valdivia’s performance will determine the outcome of the match. If Seongnam controls Valdivia well, the chances of winning will increase, and on the contrary, if Jeonnam draws out Valdivia’s ability once again, it will be able to win three consecutive victories.

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